Navigators International Rotterdam is an open community consisting of mostly international students. Each Thursday we have dinner together, which is truly “gezellig”. Afterwards we read from the Bible and discuss in small groups what we read. 

Have you ever read in the Bible? Why do we like to read the Bible? The Bible addresses big questions about the purpose of life. The Bible tells us that we are already loved by Someone and gives the counter-cultural message that we don’t need to earn our lives by being successful, have many friends, please the people around us or being morally superior. It thus inspires many people to follow Jesus and live a life of love.

Are you interested to join? Feel more than welcome! We look forward to meet you at our meetings and to get to know you better. For more details and contact information, check our Facebook.

To serve international students The Navigators collaborate with the ICF Rotterdam as a church. Every Sunday 40 different nationalities guarantee fascinating differences and surprising encounters. A great experience to add to your time in Holland. Check out for more information about their meetings.